Pick up your chopsticks and dig in to Sushi Chao

Conveniently located right in the heart of midtown on University Avenue, Sushi Chao is definitely one of Gainesville’s best-loved restaurants. With a wide variety of foods, it appeals to an array of customers. Students can be seen here at all times of day and night enjoying a quick asian treat.

Hostess Anna Moskovitz says that what makes Sushi Chao so unique is the fact that it not only has a fantastic steam bar full of typical Chinese food, like fried rice and teriyaki

Spicy Tuna Salmon Don: tuna, salmon, seaweed, cream cheese, avocado, and rice

Spicy Tuna Salmon Don Bowl: tuna, salmon, seaweed, cream cheese, avocado, and rice // Photo by Ashleigh Braun

chicken, but it also has amazing sushi rolls.

“Additionally, they have many different healthy non-rice options that make it an ideal place for all sorts of picky eaters,” Moskovitz said.

In all aspects, Sushi Chao radiates school spirit.  Some of the rolls are even named in favor of The University of Florida, such as the Gator roll. It is undoubtedly a local favorite, especially on game days. You can always find Gator fans enjoying a meal here after a big win.

“This place is iconic not only because of its location on University, but also for its quick, low price, and high quality sushi,” Moskovitz said.

Moskovitz said whether it’s an average school day or even a game weekend, Sushi Chao simply radiates college. It’s not uncommon to find people conversing over the infamous Mt. Fiji roll at one table, or someone in the corner with their notes in one hand and chopsticks in the other.

Moskovitz said her favorite item on the menu is the Spicy Tuna Salmon Don bowl, featured above. She explained that it is extremely popular.

Sushi Chao’s laid back atmosphere, convenient location, and high quality food make it a place students will continue to crave and enjoy day after day. For UF students, or really anyone living in Gainesville, Sushi Chao is a must if you like asian cuisine.

“It’s the perfect place to fix your Spicy Tuna roll craving in those 15 minutes as you run to you next class,” Moskovitz said.



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